Friday, September 25, 2009

a week in pictures

this week has literally flown by and now that we are back at a is the week in review. I have been trying to get better at taking pictures, even if I never do print any of them. Speaking of, I found out you can now have your blog printed in book form here. So, if anyone wants to do some early Christmas shopping for me...hint hint. On to the week:

Sunday night was our first small group night with the youth group girls and Leah and I are off to a great start. We kind of out number the seniors but are praying for them to bring lots of friends! Birthday Beads and a Tiara were present as we celebrated Courtney's big 1-8.

last night as part of small group we had a surprise shower for Randy & Dana who are expecting their first little one next month. Kate, whose house it was at was so cute, she got Baby Ruth, Sugar Babies, and Runts to go along with delicious lemon chiffon cake ala Costco.

Me, Kate, Dana, Jamie and Kelsey

Then came the adventure of the week...Suzy Homemaker attempt number 57. I have had this scone mix for about 6 weeks now, since Christina moved and gave me a present. Yes, you read that right, she gave me a set of tea and some scone mix in honor of all of the great time we have spent in coffee shops over the past year. Here is a pic before...and since I love fall so much I upgraded them to Pumpkin. An experiment all in itself. I also made peach crisp for when Emily & Dennis roll in tonight to spend a weekend here! Notice how small the scones are before baking and then the explosion they took on when they got huge! Maybe it was the pumpkin? Either way, I cannot wait to enjoy them with a cup of coffee tomorrow for the quintessential fall breakfast.

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