Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to school giveaway!

I don't know it was the extra night we spent up North prolonging summer or the rows of pencils and notebooks at Walmart that put the back to school spirit in my step, but I am feeling it. And as much as I would love an excuse to hang a new bulletin board in my entry way and line up my Trapper Keeper just right on my desk, I will refrain.

However, in the spirit of back to school and fall goodness, I am pulling out a giveaway that has been in the works via facebook emails since early August. I was waiting for the right time and today feels like it has come. So, without any further ado...here is your opportunity at some very fun and crafty goodness.

I think I first came across Daisys & Dots through the wonderful world known as ETSY and from there, began following her work, dreaming of ways to celebrate with her designs. Head on over there and check some of them out yourself here:

DAiSYS & dots

AND...AND...AND...Daisys & Dots made the Modern Bride Top 100 Things We Love List in the Aug/Sep edition! So the lovely Trish, the heart and hands behind "Daisys & Dots" has invited us to be part of that celebration, to have her cake and eat it too. hehe. forgive the pun (Kelly, Bethany & Emily are giggling right now I am sure).

What does all of this mean for you? Head on over to Daisys & Dots Etsy this week and check out all of the goodies. Let me know what your FAVORITE thing is and one lucky reader will win any ONE thing up to a $30 value. You have until Friday night at midnight to enter so have fun.

Here is my current fave for inspiration. I know, I know, Christmas is FAR away but I think these would look so cute as little party favors at a brunch or any little table setting.


  1. Colorful Chalk Cloth Party Bunting - Eco Friendly

    The above is my favorite item!!! I LOVE that I can use the chalk, SOO creative! I could use it for any of my kids bdays, my hubby's achievements and just for anyone. I adore the boxes as well. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome site!

  2. Thanks for the sweet write up Rebekah :) You are a doll and I am so Thankful that we have "bumped" into each other via the web! I love the internet :)

  3. my FAVORITE item is of course the bunting she makes (i want some in my room!), but i think i'd want different fabrics than the ones in her shop right now :)

  4. Hey Bekah,

    I just found your blog. So fun! :) This girl's Etsy store is so fun. I love the cake slices...I'm having a shower for a friend having a boy so the adorable little cake slice favors would be perfect (love the chocolate with blue ribbon)!