Friday, September 4, 2009


Sometimes I think about time in essence of weeks. But more and more lately I find myself challenged to only think about the day in front of me. Because really, no matter what intentions or plans I have, today matters and the rest will take care of itself.

I love what it says in Matthew 6, that the birds of the air and the lilies will be cared for so we shouldn’t worry. I don’t see the little blue jays and hummingbirds, the tulips and the roses craning their necks so to speak, crying out for their food and their sunlight. They know it will come and it does.

This week has been really good living this way, trying my hardest to start my day reading my Bible which was a 2 for 4 effort in the past few days. I found myself challenged to pray instead of worry after facing head on the reality of my continued desire for control in my life and the lives of those I love.

I will say, the last few months in this transition have been harder than I imagined, bringing adjustments and changing of roles that have thrown me for a few curves. But I want to fight to have a prayerful heart because if I am honest, worry and control come a lot easier.

Praying with this heart for my dear friend who just delivered her first baby and is waiting for the results of some tests today on his heart. Praying with this heart for my own attitude towards all of the transition going on in our life; the need for me to work hard in this season to support Ryan as a student and that my response would be gladness rather than burden. Asking for reminders that if the birds are ok, I will be too.

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