Thursday, December 10, 2009

counting through the day

Cups of hot chocolate: two
Handfuls of marshmallows for those cups: I lost count
Times I left the house today: once
Hours of Christmas music as background noise: 4
Christmas cards completed and stamped: 68, woo hoo! they are on their way!
Chance of additional snow to contribute to this blizzard: 100%
Current Temp: 14 but it feels like -2 degrees F. I am not making this up.

Times I checked today: atleast 15. I think I have a weather addiction because I lost count

hope you are enjoying these wintery days by staying cozy and warm!


  1. Hey Rebekah! Couldn't find an email address for you, so I'm sorry to leave a general message on this blog post. :) Thanks for saying hi - I enjoyed looking through your blog for a little while tonight, and just wanted to say that you have such a sweet heart and outlook. I loved your post about loving your friends where they are at in life right now, even if you find yourself in a different phase of life. Please keep in touch - I wish you the best! <3


  2. rebekah - i think we totally know each other from the Conference Grounds! my maiden name is Laura Gras...i hung out with (and dated) Chad you remember me? i found your blog through my old co-worker and friend, Alicia LaVire. if you are who i think you are, it's a very small world! :)