Sunday, December 13, 2009

a weekend away

All of my Nervous Nelly weather checking paid off as I cruised my way down clear highways and over the skyway Friday night to see "The CITY", you know, Chicago! Emily and I planned a somewhat impromptu weekend of just hanging out. And although I could only stay for about 24 hours, each of those hours was rich with conversation, good rest, and great food.

Here is what we did besides chirp chirp chirp like little birds as Dennis likes to call us as we caught up on everything.

One of the things I love about visiting Emily is that she knows so much about the neighborhoods, which may come in handy if she ever takes my advice and pursues a career as a realtor. Friday night she took me to BITE where we drank some red wine (bring your own) over my Thai Green Curry with chicken and jasmine rice. Love it when there is enough bite to make my nose run because it reminds me of India. Then we went back to her casa and did all the things we like to do like lay on her bed and talk and fall asleep to HGTV in the background.

Saturday brought more goodness as we ventured out in our pjs to Milk & Honey where we snagged some good coffee and egg dishes...isn't it cute:

We didn't stay becuase we had a serious movie date with Julie & Julia. BON APPETIT. I loved that movie in the theater and can honestly say I loved it just as much this weekend in my pjs by the light of the Christmas tree.

The rest of the day flew by with a little run (haven't done enough of that lately, was feeling it for sure and may have to just continue because I missed it). Now that I think about it, that buzz hit me last time we visited Chicago. The day was capped off with a drive over to another neighborhood where we saw some really cute boutiques and enjoyed a late lunch at the Southport Cafe and continued to take bites off one anothers' plates becuase that is what we have done since our friendship began 8 years ago in Olson Hall. Some things never change.


  1. Southport Cafe... my husband and I ate there when he lived 2 blocks away before we were married! It's so yummy. That is a great part of town!

  2. I loved EVERY second friend. And thanks, as always, for your vote of confidence:) love you.