Thursday, February 11, 2010

L is for the way you look at me.

Cheesy I know but some parts of Valentine's Day just have to be to get the full value out of the holiday. I don't feel like writing about regular old life right now and am happy to blog about a fun giveaway instead.

Before I go all giveaway crazy and tell you what it is...a few things to catch you up on for the sake of L-O-V-E. Like my lovely sister in law, who after hearing my obsessing over nature and birds made me this:

my very own bird nest, modeled by me:

on to the goodies though. Since I love my necklace, I thought it would be fun to give you a little Valentine's Day bling as well. I just love showing off my crafty friends & blessing the few of you who read my thoughts. I guess it goes back to my desire to give thoughtful and unique gifts.

Without further ado. I present to you the loveliness of Inspired Pendants , the brainchild of Ami & Christy (I have known Ami since I was 12). There are so many options to choose from
and you can shop your little heart out here

Here are two of my personal favorites that I can imagine wearing with jeans and a white tank on a summer's night. Sounds really good right now as the snow piles grow higher and higher.

Head over to their new website to find your own personal favorite. Then come back here and I want to know the best Valentine's day memory you have along with your pendant choice. You have until Saturday at midnight to enter & I will have my Valentine help me determine the winner & share my best Valentine's memories as well. Go!


  1. How thoughtful of Rochelle and the necklace is super cute on you! My favorite pendant is the birds on branches...hmm, I'm seeing a theme here. :) I think my favorite Valentine's Day memory is waking up on Valentine's Day morning to the red 'You Are Special Today' plates on the kitchen table for my sister and I, a hot breakfast, and some special presents to open from my Mom. That just may be a tradition I need to continue some day with my kids.

  2. I have to go with Michelle-my favorite is the birds on branches. My favorite Valentine's Day memory are the 22 V-Days as a single girl that my mom made SO special by the thoughtful gifts she gave me. She even mailed me valentine's packages to Taylor each year of college. Aww, Mom, I love you!

  3. I also love the Birds on Branches pendant -- I think we have good taste ladies! =) One of my favorite memories from Valentine's Day is the year my then-boyfriend broke up with me for another girl just before Valentine's Day. I was absolutely crushed. My family made me feel so loved and special by sending a surprise bouquet and balloons to me at school. After having my heart break for the first time, my family really let me know that I am beautiful, worthwhile, and very much loved. My family is amazing...I love them all so much!

  4. Bekah! I've missed you, and we definitely need to find a time to swap India stories--what an amazing place! So...your new nest necklace is lovely, and I have to admit my own little obsession with all things bird-related these days. Might be why my favorite pendant is "Feather Baby." A little abstract, but still delightfully "bird-y." My favorite V-Day memory is probably when I was in Cairo with YWAM, and the boys on our team decided that the girls needed to feel loved while we were all so far from home. They arranged a special dinner for us at a restaurant on a riverboat on the Nile, and had flowers and Valentine's waiting for everyone when we arrived. Then, they wrote and played us a song all about being God's beloved--still makes us all smile, four years after the fact. It was amazing, that a few young guys could bless us in a completely platonic and friendly way--and that they would have the insight to focus on and remind us of God's love for us on such a romantic kind of day.

  5. Hi Bekah, so I never have blogged but I occasionally read them and I'm so excited that I happened to read your's today. That site is awesome, and I'm probably going to buy a custom photo pendant for my mom! Those are so cool and the price is unbeatable!!! Anyways, to go with the directions from you blog, my favorite pendant was the one called "Cool Leaves." But I really liked a lot of them! Anyways, I have A LOT of favorite Valentine memories (since it's also my b-day)! :-) But one that stick's out in my mind is one where Chaz (my husband) and I were first dating... I made him a huge heart-shaped rice krispie treat, and a home-made picture frame decorated with those candy hearts with messages on them. Then he made a little scavenger hunt that took me around GVSU's campus to find different presents. We went out to dinner and had a lot of fun. It was a GREAT Valentine's Day! Anyways, I hope you are doing well! I see your mom every once and while at Daybreak! Talk to you later!!! :-)
    ~Sarah 'Nilson' Martin!

  6. Cherry Blossom is my favorite. My mom did Valentine's Day goody bags. My favorite year was when she tucked it into my sock drawer and found it when I was getting dressed for school. Lots of candy and always a pink or red nail polish:)

  7. Bekah- another fun idea... you're so creative. I love the "feather baby" and "cinnamon sticks"... I'm not much of a Valentine's Day person in my older years .. and maybe because I have a different perspective on some things now... however, my favorite memories are of my childhood VDays... my dad and I used to go to a Father/Daughter Valentine's Day dance... and I would dress up and he would wear a tie (which he NEVER wore unless necessary) and we would dance the night away... just the two of us. And since I'm such a daddy's girl (to this day) that will probably never be topped...we have many pictures in front of the fire place and it was awesome... being 1 of 4 children it was a great night for just the two of us! Have a great weekend with your valentine!!

  8. I am so blessed to make it on your blog "a nest made to fit a beauty like you" I know the give away is done, but wanted to comment. :)
    Love you xo