Friday, October 3, 2008

Running, and Indy, and Bed Races. Oh My

life is good. In the past 3 weeks since I last wrote, I feel like alot has happened. Just to recap, we ran the Windy City through the effects of Hurricane Ike with the most rain Chicago has ever seen in one day. And it was a darn good time and decent run. My goal was to match my PR (personal record, one of those runner's world acronyms) from last years race and I ended up adding 3 minutes to that which I was still really pleased with. There is alot to be said about runner's highs and endorphins and I am continually thankful for the mental clarity it provides me. Keeps me out of a straight jacket.

The whole bag lady look seemed pretty darn appealing at this point after the race. Thanks Ry!

I left from Chicago headed East to Indianapolis for a week long conference at the Philanthropy Center of IUPUI. And let me tell you, I had pretty high expectations as Indiana University is a part of a 3 part iniative referred to as AIM in the Philanthropy World. AIM is a coalition between Arizona State, Indiana University and Grand Valley (Michigan) that is known as the authority on all things philanthropy from donor research, to board governance, to societal trends...the list could go on. And the week itself invigorated me for this new career in alot of ways as there were some great aha moments that came out of being in a room with executive directors, consultants and professionals for week.

Plus, let's be honest, 2 things I love, being on a college campus and "traveling" didn't hurt either. During my week in Indy I was blessed by dinner and a LARGE slice of mile high mud pie with my dear friend Bethany, a great night out at PF Changs with Emily's mom, sisters and ZOE! along with a home cooked chicken lasagna at my cousin Jenny's house. Honestly, I made out pretty good that week.

As I returned home I was reminded that Ryan had been preparing for a race of his own. A bunch of guys that have offices in our building (hah, I still love that we work in the same building) joined forces to take part in the bed races for the Columbia Arts District here in Holland. Talk about manly man racing. They declared a Roman theme, togas and all. It was such a riot and they were pretty hard core. Kinda cheated with their industrial wheels...but won every heat and took home the glory. Check out the

Warrior mode. wish this picture had sound.

till death do us part....

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  1. Beks,

    I am not a runner, but I can appreciate your thoughts on clarity of mind when you run! Right on!! After viewing the YouTube video, I can appreciate the taste of victory that is captured in the bed race victory! Thanks again for opening your home to Emily and I.