Friday, October 2, 2009

currently obsessed with..

the phenomenon of the REDBOX

You mean, I can just drive up to Walgreen's door or casually stop by after finishing my grocery shopping at Meijer (already a good enough thing in itself) and pick up a movie? Without painfully pacing the aisles, debating a drama or a comedy in open air for all to observe while Ryan & I debate who picked last time...amazing!

I'm not sure how it began but I do know that we have realized that the new budget program with life as a full time student allows for different types of entertainment and that we can rent 20 redboxes for the movie & popcorn that we were going to see tonight. So happily, to the joyful little Redbox we went tonight for a date night in and all are happy because we can wear our pjs and eat fresh out of the oven oatmeal cookies in bed with our $1.06 movie.

Have you tried the box? :)


  1. Bekah forgot to mention the man she met today who rents a redbox every single night! They don't even watch them each night, but they get them just in case...This is crazy to me.

  2. I know that I can always find something in your blog to relate to (usually quite a few things)! And I do love all the handy Redbox made me laugh tonight. Thanks!

  3. i love the box, but i also love netflix :D