Thursday, November 12, 2009

late night date night

last night was a gift. I can't remember the last time we were the 2 crazy kids pulling a late night mid-week and it was a celebration of living it up. Despite my ever present runny nose this week, it was glorious. Ryan pulled out the entertainment book (a mature piece of the crazy kids evening) to find out where we had buy one get one in GR and gave me 3 choices. I settled on what seemed the obvious, Old Chicago because I knew that pizza is always a happy default. I ended up ordering the Oriental Chicken:
Teriyaki chicken over spiced, chilled noodles, crisp greens, carrots and red bell peppers with our house Italian and sweet chili dressing, green onions, wonton strips and toasted sesame seeds. (as taken from the website menu). yum. He got a bacon cheeseburger and both parties were happy.

From there we froclicked aimlessly around the mall, stopping to debate if I am too short for the over the boot jean look:

these were the particular pair in consideration and in retrospect, I think part of me was just excited that they fit over my calf because that NEVER happens. I didn't get them. not sure if I will.

We also saw a late night movie @ the $3 Celebration Cinema @ Woodland. Which is amazing because we have stopped going to movies as often anymore, due to my redbox obsession but I do still love sitting in theater. We went to see the movie 500 Days of Summer which "is not a love story. It is a story of boy meets girl".

It features these 2

...and I loved Zoeey Deschanel's captivating beauty and Joseph Gordon Levitt's hipster style. Along with the chalk wall in his bedroom, which we spent a good few minutes whispering about in the theater.

It also rekindled my lost love for Regina Spektor with her enchanting voice and beautiful piano skills. All in all, the night was a 2 thumbs way up, a night to remember and a welcomed break in the constant push and pull of life.


  1. Rebekah - Ryan and I went to Old Chicago Monday night, the strolled around Woodland Mall too.... I think we should do this together sometime soon!

    Let's be real-life friends!

  2. awwe!! i love mid-week spontaneous dates. so much fun! and it's crazy how much more you find to talk about while over a restaurant table then your own.

    i loved the chalkboard wall in that movie, too, but found the movie a little depressing. what did you think?

  3. It looks like you had an awesome date night. I was just wondering to myself tonight where Ryan took you :) Hope you feel better soon.