Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the need to create

I've been itching in my skin to do some major creating lately which means I haven't done any in way too long. My need has been playing itself out by my picking back up where I left off in my writing and starting to dream about creating Christmas presents for those I love. I know, it is a bit early but a girl needs a good reason to dream once in awhile.

The book event on Monday further affirmed that within me and before I go any further, I must say that the word that comes to mind with the whole evening was simply "lovely". Everything from the chapters that Shauna read to the conversation that followed, it was a blessing to be part of it and having Molly by my side as the perfect companion made it even sweeter. We have both been so blessed by Shauna's writing and it just affirmed what we knew was true, that words shared have meaning and that stories matter.

And so does creating, so I am going to spend part of my evening scouring my favorite craft sites to see what I can be inspired by. I have some friends who just started making their own homemade vanilla extract for gifts, in cute little glass jars (I didn't know vanilla beans + vodka + time= vanilla but it is true!). I have considered doing some type of food related gifts, like taking balls jars and filling them in layers with soup mix, or even better, the ingredients for something sweet. I am convinced there is a way to update this gift idea in a way that isn't country bumpkinish. Maybe updated labels or including a fun whisk or mixing spoon would add some flair?

pics taken from this site

With that in mind, here is a little giveaway to get your creative juices flowing. I also have on hand a few little embellishments of my own from Uppercase Living (like a chocolate brown pine cone sticker that needs to find a new home on a vase filled with something fun--will post pics when I find that perfect thing).

This "family" embellishment is all yours, in either black or cream and I think it would look wonderful on a frame with a black & white pic, on a wall collage, on a platter for your mother-in-law or even on an old shabby chic window as such:

I want to know what you are inspired by and creating right now! Also open to other DIY Christmas gifts! Leave me some inspiration in the form of a comment by Monday night at 6 p.m. to enter. Happy Creating!


  1. So, I had to read your blog after chatting with you and I love it! My "craft" I am still wanting to do is an old shutter hanging on my wall or sitting on my console table, i just need to find one and DO IT :) -kelly

  2. I am working on Christmas presents myself. I am knitting a scarf for one loved one and making knit and crocheted coasters for several special people we have on our list this year. Happy crafting!

  3. Love to hear from you again! You could always use pinking shears to cut a square piece of Christmas fabric and put between the top and ring of the gift jar. Then, tie some twine in a bow or use ribbon to tie a bow. If you want, you could also tie "something" to it such as maybe on a coffee drink you could tie a chocolate dipped spoon on it.

    Also, for quick gifts that may include a plate of cookies, take a plain glass plate, a piece of Christmas fabric large enough to cover it, modpodge, and a foam brush, and turn the plate over so it's face down. Cover it with modpodge; then put your piece of fabric on it and then smooth it out good. Then, take more modpodge and also cover the top of the fabric. Let dry and then cut any extra fabric around the edges that may be hanging from the edge. Let dry good overnight. You should have a nice cookie gift plate, rather than using a paper-type plate, the receiver of the gift has a nice plate to use for the holidays, and nice momento to remember you! :)

  4. I'm making fridge magnets for the holidays...something simple yet a little personal touch to add to gifts!

  5. Well, I would be one of those friends who is making vanilla for Christmas gifts, shhhh! I didn't know others were doing it, shoot! :) I am also having fun making some fabric flowers for bobby-pins and earrings, just for kicks. Norah won't let me put anything fun in her hair right now so nothing for her, more for me and my friends. Let's see... I've also been trying to think of more homemade but useful baby gifts, I just bought a handful of cute iron on's from Jo-Ann's for iron on some onesies. That's not too creative though. Hope that helps you think of more stuff to make!

  6. Hey Bekah! I'm backwards in commenting, but congrats on baby!!!! So excited for you... about creating...I love making gifts rather than buying b/c I don't make a ton of money staying home (haha) and it's much more thoughtful to spend time on something... things I've made or things I've thought of making as gifts.... cute button earrings... material buttons on ear posts from Hobby Lobby... very affordable, original and cute :) I've made lamps using Christmas lights and blocks you use for a shower wall- tie it up with a bow... or, one of my new ideas...Making cute little recipe books using my favorite recipes to share with friends....a few from each category! Happy creating... and congrats!!

  7. I almost forgot to write! Thanks for the reminder!!
    I would be one of those friends making vanilla as well, didn't know it was that popular this year!
    I'm also making little magnets. They are made from those little clear stones that are bubbled on one side and flat on the other, then I cut out little circles of scrap paper and glue magnets to them. I bought little containers for them online but I've heard people say that old altoids containers work great, I just don't have any.
    I'm also making a few of these cute zipper flowers. I like that they are a non-sewing cute thing. Just need a hot glue gun. I keep buying the zippers with 40 or 50% off coupons. One zipper makes two cute flowers.
    I've also thought about making homemade lemoncello and including some yummy dessert recipes people can use it in. It would use up my little bit of leftover vodka from the vanilla. I like the idea of giving something like the vanilla or this because people will use my gift to give others.
    I try and keep my final price for each item between 2 and 4 dollars.
    I've enjoyed reading other people's great ideas! Thanks for doing this!