Monday, March 28, 2011

a few more favorites

I keep looking at our pictures and feeling happy knowing that this time was captured so perfectly, in this house, and with images that reflect where we are right now. I can't say enough about Christy's kindness in blessing us by giving these pictures as a gift to welcome the next chapter in our life.

I love these next two because they capture our personalities when we are just at home goofing around with each other. Maybe it is because we don't have a tv or are just silly but it did seem pretty natural to just play with our two little wooden sheep that we got in Israel. On a more sentimental note, these little sheep are special to us because they are made from olive wood and were purchased in Bethlehem. They sit on our dresser and serve as a reminder to be faithful in walking the path God is calling us to.


  1. Bekah,
    These pictures are beautiful... thanks for posting! Your bump is so tiny and perfect. :) My fav is the one in the look so great!

  2. Bekah,
    Love them all! Each one has it's own little story. It's so neat you were able to capture these particular memories in your home where you are right now at this moment in time. Thanks for sharing! Many blessings to you both. We are so excited for baby Wallace to come into your lives. <3

  3. Those pics are beautiful! I love natural! You are looking great and glowing away. :)

  4. Love them! these pics are beautiful - YOU are beautiful! - BrieAnna