Thursday, March 31, 2011

loving lately: spring edition

The fact that Ryan posted this video on his blog just makes me laugh. Mostly because it is 100% true. Make sure you watch to the end for the best part.

If you like it then you should have put a bird on it. Or maybe not?

Also loving lately:

Better Oats brand apple & cinnamon instant oatmeal. Maybe it is the cute individual packaging or the fact that once you pour the oatmeal, the package can be used as a cup for the water with a fill line but these are the ticket to easy mornings!

This book, which has by far been my favorite that I have read during my pregnancy. It is funny, helpful and honest, sharing perspective on how first time parents can learn a lot from those who have done this before. I'm thinking it would be a great addition to a gift for any first time parents. Find it on Amazon here

Bath & Body Works Summer Lemon Vanilla lip gloss. I am in no way a lip gloss snob and usually I am ok with off-brand chapstick. Although, I did have a pretty mean lipsmackers collection in high school. Either way, this stuff is the ticket and I may just have to see if I can stock up at the outlet today on our annual girl's day out shopping trip!

Also loving Hulu for making available episodes of the shows I love like Glee, Top Chef All*Stars* and my FAVORITE show, Parenthood.

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