Sunday, March 20, 2011

moving forward

Yesterday felt like a big day.

In fact, many days right now feel kind of big as decisions are being made and major changes are nearing. For starters, within the past few weeks the conclusion has been made that I will be a full time at-home momma with this little one. I am thrilled about it and feel so incredibly blessed and also a bit surprised that this is how it has all played out. I was hopeful to have the decision made by March 1st for the sake of planning and for preparing my own emotions and heart either way. After many conversations sprinkled with prayer and perspective, it became clear on the last Friday in February that this was the right decision for us in this season.

I'm sure I will write or process more about it later but for now it just felt important to note on the list of "big things". The biggest thing, the yesterday thing, is that our house is officially ready for showing and as weird as it feels to write "for sale", it's time to get it on the market. At 7 1/2 months pregnant it hardly feels like time to do anything besides sit with my feet up and continue to eat oranges in bulk but in all honesty, we feel really confident and comfortable with continuing to move forward. We have NO idea if it will sell quickly, if we will be here for the summer or even for the next year.

I'm excited, nervous, curious, everything in-between, and forcing myself to take one day at a time. I would have never predicted everything that has happened to this point so I know I can't imagine what is next. I will have to take a picture of the pseudo nursery set up downstairs as I had my first shower last weekend and still needed some places to fold & refold cute little onesies, handmade items and lots of other fun tiny things. As the time nears, those things will find a real home but it felt important to have them presentable (yet accessible) for the listing process. *I can't wait to write more about the sweet shower and as soon as I have some pics, you better believe it will be chronicled here!

For now, here are some pics of Home Zweet Home:

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  1. Can't believe your pregnancy counter is down to days!! I'm glad you have all those big decisions made. Now to see what God brings next. = ) Besides a brand-new, adorable little person! I've been thinking about you lately & am so excited for you & Ryan.