Sunday, June 12, 2011

a new chapter

Here I sit with my little sweet pink bundle wrapped up and resting on my chest and I couldn't be happier. These quiet moments are what the mother part of my heart lives for and I am so thankful for them on a Sunday night.

I used to refer to the "Sunday night blues" on a regular basis during my college days, many times due to the fact that I was leaving a weekend with Ryan and starting classes at 8 a.m. the next morning. Then after college, Sunday nights represented youth group and craziness before a week of work and the blues went away in a sense because I really loved my work. Due to the fact that every day feels like Saturday right now, I have no concept of Sunday night vs. Wednesday night. However, I just caught myself thinking on this Sunday night and how full the quietness of a newborn can be. And I'm thankful for a new kind of Sunday night.

With Hannah sleeping I am thinking through the pieces of my writing that have been swirling around in my head today. I find inspiration in church, in conversations and in the day-to-day moments just waiting to be captured in words. Ryan and I have been having some late night "business meetings" as we call them where we pull up the chairs at the dining room table or settle in to our respective corners of the couch to talk about writing together. He has spent a good amount of time creating a new blog to represent us together and we have loved dreaming about it. If everything goes as planned, we are going to start writing over there tomorrow. No time like the present right?

I have LOVED everything about this open space for the past three years and as much as I am little afraid to leave it, I am even more excited about what is to come. We feel like there are a lot of things that God is putting on our hearts in this season as far as perspective, marriage and life in general that we are excited to write about together. Besides that, I want to keep growing my commitment to spilling life out in words because it brings me so much joy.

I write to share life but more than that, I write for myself. It is the best expression of me I can find and sometimes the only worship I know how to give. With that, bring on the new blog. I will post a link tomorrow and hope to see you there!


  1. I've very much enjoyed your thoughts on this blog and very much look forward to new thoughts from your new perspective!

  2. Love! Can't wait. Wish I could give your sweet girl a little snuggle.

  3. Wow, I cannot wait to hold your little bundle!! Glad you had some time to start writing about it. This is a good reminder to cuddle mine while they still enjoy it.

  4. really its wonderful thoughts. very impressive

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