Monday, December 27, 2010

dear 2010,

In honor of my tradition of writing a Christmas letter, I decided that this year I would write that letter here. Without further ado.

Dear 2010,
You surprised me, overwhelmed me, blessed me and left me looking forward to another 365 days. Beginning in January with our last minute trip to Passion2010, you placed a new L-O-V-E for college students in my heart and planted a little seed of wonder about working with them in some context in the future. My husband loved them too so that made that seed grow even more.

You made life hard to understand at times and I learned that to forgive is better than to be bitter and that the story going on in life is so much bigger than me. I was reminded time and time again that even in the midst of battling with life, flowers and friendships help reveal God's grace and beauty when it seems a bit dark.
It became obvious once again that my brother will always be one of my very best friends and I realized that the same is becoming true for Ryan's friendship with him.

I fell in love with my husband time and time again, as he challenged me, loved me through my hard times and showed me what it looks like to grow. I think spending the summer with these 6 students and his passion towards doing life with them and teaching them has something to do with it as well.

We journeyed through 15 days of of a life changing adventure with new friends and something shifted deep within us and our marriage as a result of our time in Israel.

And no matter how much traveling we do, we always settle on the cottage as one of our top vacation destinations.

Somewhere along the way this year I became even more of a homebody, re-sparked my love for reading and decided to take my writing more seriously. Meeting my favorite author wasn't too shabby either.

I learned the freedom of getting things off my chest with writing regularly about a few little confessions here, here, here and most recently here.

And here you have brought me, halfway through growing our first child who we will see tomorrow in our 20 week ultrasound. I couldn't be more amazed at this blessing and the miracles and wonders of the next year are beyond me.

Although I am writing this letter to you 2010, I think the true author of this year has been God and I am thankful for grace and second chances He has offered me every single day.


  1. Beautifully written, thanks for the recap!

  2. This is so beautiful. You make me want to write a letter to 2010. My letter wouldn't be quite so eloquent, though. More like a weeping, thankful, giggling mess.

    Cheers to a wonderful year, and lots of hope for the next one.

    (ps - I'm loving your wood background.)